Onboarding to Exit

Icon Onboarding to exit

Make your employees’ first interaction with your organization seamless. Emportant has built-in employee onboarding features that can significantly ease the onboarding process for new hires. You can provide a great, personalized experience to employees and skip the tedious documentation process during their joining. Emportant also helps streamline Exit processes taking care of offboarding checklists and exit interviews.

  • Candidates can fill in their personal details and submit their documents before the joining date
  • Provide access to the employee's self-serve portal
  • Cut mundane processes and engage with your new recruits
  • Streamline exit and FNF settlements enabled with automation

Icon Leave management

Automate day-to-day processes like leave accounting, approvals and rejections. Save on time and costs associated with leave administration and employee follow-ups. Employees can request leave and report sick days directly through the Employee Leave Management system.

  • Dashboard for complete view of leave history and available vacations
  • Complete transparency of company’s leave policy devoid of ad-hoc HR decisions
  • Automated leave accounting, leave approval/denial on the system
Leave Management
Time & Attendance

Icon Time & attendance

Keep track of and optimize the working hours of your employees without any geographical limits. You can use the Emportant time & attendance management system to track productivity and determine ways of improving the efficiency of your organization. With biometric integration, you can improve time & attendance tracking and provide better disciplinary oversight.

  • Capture real-time attendance from biometric/access control integration
  • Capture flexible shifts, break timings, and provide insights to managers
  • Define your company’s attendance policy and get accurate attendance status on emails

Icon Payroll & compliance

HR/Finance department spends around 3 to 14 days processing payroll. Say ‘good-bye’ to cumbersome excel sheets and payroll computation errors with Emportant. With this payroll management system, you can compute salaries on time with accurate statutory deductions such as TDS, PF, Professional Tax, etc., and deliver pay slips on time.

  • Gain in-depth insight into your workforce and simplify your payroll administration
  • Account for salary arrears, advance and loan payment and its recovery
  • Comply with wage laws and statutory requirements in India
Payroll & Compliance
Onsurity Wellness Benefits

Icon Onsurity wellness benefits

As members of the Emportant HR & Payroll system, HRs can give their employees exclusive access to Onsurity Healthcare Membership. Make your employee health benefits simple and affordable with unmatched customer experience with Onsurity. Get the first-of-its-kind health and wellness membership starting at just Rs.145/month per employee.

  • Extend benefits to your family
  • Comprehensive wellness benefits on yoga, mental wellness, dental plans, lifestyle, and health brands
  • Group health insurance for members
  • Onsurity Super-app for claims and hospitalization support and other wellness needs

Icon Performance management

Set goals for individual employees, monitor and review their progress using Emportant performance management system. You can assess your employees’ performance, conduct effective appraisal processes and achieve your business goals efficiently. Peer-to-peer feedback will allow you to seamlessly gather insights about your employees.

  • Monitor, analyse, track, and evaluate employee performance to ensure that goals are achieved
  • Enable feedback and performance reviews for employees
  • Provide continuous performance reviews on a real-time basis
Performance Management
Assets and E-Office

Icon Assets and E-Office

Online tracking of fixed assets issued to employees where the system informs the HR to get back the assets safely from employees at the end of their service. The system maintains a complete database of the organization’s assets across branches along with management of discarded/unusable assets.

  • Assets creation
  • Assets issue
  • Assets return
  • Assets tracking

Icon Analytics and reports

Emportant provides various built-in reporting features, ranging from absenteeism to employee performance, hiring needs, etc. Get the best from your employees and quickly & efficiently onboard your new recruits by getting a quick glance and an in-depth data of what is going on with your employees across your organisation.

  • Take data driven strategic decision based on the reports & insights generated
  • Draw immense benefits in terms of productivity and quality by analyzing your employees’ info
  • Plan employees’ training & development programs based on the reports
Analytics and Reports
Employee Self-service

Icon Employee self-service

Empower your employees with access to personal organisation information using the Emportant Self- serve portal for employees. This enables greater transparency, improves communication and employee engagement. On Employee Self Service, managers in your organization can access better information with significantly lesser efforts.

  • Employees can have instant access to features and data related to them; pay slips, applications, etc.
  • Employees can view their payroll information from anywhere & at anytime
  • Employees can manage their leave and attendance on the go

Icon Mobile app

The Emportant HR & payroll platform provides mobile access to employee records so that you can efficiently monitor your teams’ activities from your smartphones and tablet. Take your workforce management on the go and stay on top of employee events and dates.

  • Employees and managers can apply for and approve/ reject leaves, with a single tap on their mobile
  • View, upload and update information related to your payroll and tax deductions
  • Enables your employees to be signed in and signed out the moment they arrive and leave
Mobile App