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Who we are?

Emportant is a ‘future-ready', new generation employee experience platform that simplifies complex HR & Payroll processes while enhancing utility for employees. We focus on employee-centric systems for human resources, payroll, performance, talent management, time and attendance systems, among others. The build of our platform is intended to empower our clients with the tools to reach, engage and retain their employees―helping them boost overall productivity while reducing costs.

Who we are
What we do

What we do?

Our HR platform simplifies complex HR processes, bringing your company culture to life with higher performance and commitment levels that help drive business goals. The Emportant team believes in providing its clients with the right software solutions as per their needs. Our product has been designed in way that it can be customised to include or exclude HR functions based on the organization’s need and our team provides hand-held services to guide new members through the training processes.


Our vision is to see ourselves as an influential leader in HR software solutions by providing an affordable yet comprehensive platform for businesses to effectively manage their HR-related systems and processes.



We want to empower businesses to create a workplace where their team members feel inspired to work towards achieving common goals. We intend to achieve this by providing integrated solutions including:

  • - HR and Payroll Management system
  • - Leave and Attendance Tracking System
  • - Performance Management Systems
  • - Training Management Systems
  • - Self-serve Portal

Our Values

Our core values guide the way we want to empower our clients and their team members. We are committed to:

  • - Integrity & transparency
  • - Fairness
  • - Pursuit of excellence
  • - User delight
  • - Leadership by example
Our Values

About Our Team

Our leadership team brings in more than just industry knowledge and expertise. At Emportant, we inculcate first-principle thinking and provide an open platform for our members to innovate, experiment, learn and most importantly, grow. We are proud to have team members who are divided in passion & goals but united by a mission. We aspire to create a working environment that enables professionals to develop their skills and competencies, collaborate with colleagues, contribute to business goals, share knowledge, and enjoy a rewarding career.

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