Terms of service

Emportant comes to you with a simple and easy to understand Terms of Service. Of course, we also have a long version of the complete agreement (Terms of Service) if you need that for contractual purposes. The Terms that really matter are given below for quick reference:


1. Our Service SLA – Refer Section 2.3 of the complete agreement :
The following general Service Level Agreements are provided for customers who are on a regular paid subscription plan:
a) Same business day response for tickets raised during AM hours in India, and next day business response for tickets raised during PM hours.
b) A satisfactory resolution or workaround would be provided within 2 working days of the first response. Support services would be available from 10am to 5pm on Mon-Fri during working days at Mumbai, India.


2. Holiday dates for Emportant Support Center are available right here.


3. Online Training – Refer  Section 2.4  of the complete agreement:
Online training is provided for various Editions as follows:

a) For Lite edition – a total of 10 hours over 5 sessions
b) For Regular edition – 15 hours over 8 sessions

c) For Ultimate edition – 25 hours over 12 sessions


4. Data retention – Refer section 3.4 of the complete agreement:
HR data updated by you is guaranteed to be retained indefinitely whereas transactional data such as Payroll, Leave, Attendance, etc is guaranteed to be retained for a minimum of 3 (three) years after which it may be archived to offline storage and may be made available on demand.


5. Attachment limitations – Refer section 3.5 of the complete agreement:
Attachments are permitted upto 50 documents per employee, and upto 5 documents per transaction or 1 attachment per line item if there are more than 5 line items (e.g., in Reimbursement claims, Expense claims, Investment Declarations, etc). Each uploaded document is limited to 500kb in size. These limits may be enhanced based on customer requirement at additional charges.


6. Browser compatibility – Refer section 4.4 of the complete agreement:
Compatibility is specifically maintained for Microsoft Internet Explorer v8 and above, Mozilla Firefox v10 and above and Google Chrome v17 and above as on the last updated date of this Agreement. Our web version is also usable on browsers of most popular Tablet devices running Android / iOS / Windows.


7. Network bandwidth usage – Refer Section 4.4 of the complete agreement:
A single concurrent user is required to consume approximately 30kbps sustained data usage over high quality broadband or leased line network, while using the system. Standard http and https protocols are used over well known ports.


8. Data export and ownership – Refer Section 6.3 of the complete agreement:
You exclusively own all rights, title and interest in and to all of Your Data. Your Data would be made available to you in csv / .xls formats directly through the provision of such facility in the Services upon cessation of the contracted services and subject to terms of the Agreement.


9. No Price change clause – Refer Section 11.2 of the complete agreement:
The price applicable to You at the time of start of the subscription will remain unchanged for a period of 36 months for the subscribed Edition and the headcount slab subscribed by you.


Our Pricing is based on the Edition you choose and your current Employee headcount. You can get a Price estimate immediately using our online Price Calculator.