Emportant Expense

Travel PlanTravel Plan

Now your employees can easily update planned travel dates, purpose of travel and cost of a trip. Travel plans can easily be routed for additional approval based on your company’s policies. Managers can approve travel requests from anywhere, speeding the process along. Employees can also request a cash advance as part of the travel request process, enabling all approvals to occur simultaneously. When the required approvals are complete, the booking is released for ticketing, or the travel agent is notified to finalize the trip. With Emportant’s  Travel Plan, you can ensure planned travel expenses are approved before the actual spend takes place.


Expense ClaimsExpense

Managing expense claims manually is a tedious task for any organization. It involves meticulously reviewing huge piles of vouchers, cross checking receipts, making entries accurately, calculating and getting approvals. With Emportant you can automate claim processing activity where approvers can verify and approve the claims online.

Emportant’s Integrated Travel & Expense management tool

With eTravel & Expense, expense managers have control and visibility into travel and expense. They can easily review, approve, process and audit expense claims, simply with a web-browser without depending upon his/her office locations or facilities.

Increase TravelEmportant Expense is meant to 

  • Increase Travel & Expense Policy acceptance to as high as 90%.
  • Reduce the employee reimbursement cycle time
  • Decrease the cost of every expense claim

Expense reimbursement made simple: Emportant’s  expense management system gives you access to the fastest, easiest, safest way to reimburse expenses. When an expense report is approved for payment, software automatically calculates the funds to be reimbursed, net of advances paid.


Streamlined expense reporting processreporting


Our automated expense reporting workflow puts a well defined process in place that compels your employees to follow the company’s claim policy. With eTravel & Expense, you can easily capture data as and when employees incur expenses. Pre-travel expenses and expenses made during the business trip are easily recorded and sent for approvals (with the defined approval workflow) instantly, thus saving employees the time and effort to compile reports and send for approvals.

Integrated travel and expense

With Emportant eTravel & Expense system, you can manage business travel and expenses together in one integrated solution. This gives you better leverage, control and compliance—and your employees a better experience of get the approvals.


travel expensesQuick travel expenses reporting 

With Emportant Travel & Expense, there is no longer any delay in the submission of your travel expense / Expense claim.

With Emportant you can:

  • Create an expense report from
  • Automatically add expenses paid for with company issued credit cards / Advance given.