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Track and optimize time spent by employees without geographical limits
Tracking time and attendance is very essential for all organizations irrespective of its size and methods employed for determining employee pay.

Managers can use Emportant time and attendance management system to track productivity and determine ways of improving the efficiency of their organizations and effectively managing labor.

Our biometric time and attendance integration improves time and attendance tracking, provides better disciplinary oversight and ensures accurate records. It empowers employees to easily manage their time-related information and also managers to automate complex time tracking and scheduling.

Emportant integrates with leading biometric systems such as eSSL, Zicom, Fortuna, HID and lots more, providing real-time insight into employee labor and attendance data. Email alerts based on late coming and other attendance rules can also be automatically received. Automatic detection of missing in/out records can be used to offset unauthorized absences against leave or pay.
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