Emportant HRMS on-demand – Infrastructure and Security

When you choose Emportant HRMS on-demand, we take on the role of ensuring stability and security for your HRMS and Payroll system, without you having to buy or install any special software or outsourcing the security management to a third party.

Emportant has published its technology details publicly for you to view and compare with others. the details on Stackshare, the leading product Stack knowledge repository for leading edge products.

State-of-the-art Data-center
Emportant HRMS on-demand is hosted at a world class data center – which means you can be assured of the best-in-class application delivery experience while accessing your HRMS system over the Internet. What does this mean for you?:

  • Fast response time while using Emportant HRMS on-demand
  • Assured system uptime due to strict fault resolution SLA for hardware failures
  • Daily backups are taken to ensure data integrity
  • Redundant server infrastructure ensures failower in case of any system crash – within hours High grade security We not only take care of the infrastructure costs, you are ensured of top-notch security designed and manned by experts! How do we protect your data ?
  • Servers are hosted in a secure datacenter with authorized access only
  • Backups are kept separately on tape and weekly backups are stored offsite
  • Servers are completely protected by advanced firewalls, so only authorized persons have access
  • Application is accessed over encrypted channel using secure http (https). Your passwords and data are never sent in clear text across the Internet

Emportant – HRMS on-demand – Designed and optimized for Web

  • Emportant on-demand is designed form the ground up, as a web application. Web browser has been the end-user interface for Emportant ever since its first version, unlike many other HR systems who have web interface as one of the options and that too for a limited set of features.
    100% web-native HRMS Emportant on-demand is 100% web-native. What does this mean for you?:
  • There is no GUI screen to use, no remote access applications to deploy. Simply point your web browser to the Emportant site and you can do everything within your own login. Period.
  • ALL screens including configuration and settings are accessed through the web browser.
  • Our team has been developing web based applications since 2002. Some of the successful HR/Payroll implementations done by this team as early as 2002 are running successfully on updated versions even today!
    Multiple tenant design
    Emportant is optimized to run under multi-tenant architecture – which means, all customers are using the same server infrastructure like multiple tenants in a building, each with their own apartment.
  • We maintain a single version of the application for all customers. Hence you are always on the latest version at any time.
  • This ensures you get bug fixes simultaneously along with all other customers, whether or not you faced any issue yourself
  • New versions are automatically available to all customers together, so you can take advantage of all new features whenever you need them Robust and dependable HR system

Emportant on-demand is designed form the ground up, as a web application. It does not depend upon offline or desktop based components and has been designed with direct feedback from thousands of users like yourself.

Emportant has been proven to be the HRMS of choice for a variety of use-cases:

  • Different industries, viz., services, manufacturing, IT, hospitality, PSU, etc.
  • Companies of all sizes, starting from 50 employees going upto 5000 or even more
  • Companies with decentralized HR team in each location / branch
  • Companies with multiple legal entities in the group, with each company having its own set of policies
  • A single company with multiple set of payroll and holiday entitlement and many more
  • This is all achieved using the same system, made to work different based on HR policy rules setup for each company.