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Align, engage and inspire your people to achieve the results that matter to your business
To engage all of your talent (or workforce), you need to:
Build a passionate workforce
Attract and acquire the right employees
Develop and retain the best talent.
Emportant provides unified and easy-to-use talent management solutions that will help you execute your talent management strategies in an effective manner.
We will empower your people with intuitive and personalized tools that will engage your employees in achieving career development and growth. We will also ensure that your employees’ efforts are aligned with the business goals and demands. We design talent management solutions that will help you know, develop, grow and reward your workforce through the following means:
Use of pre-built assessment forms that will help you to have the right test to hire the right employee across job profiles – Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Operations and more. They can also be used to create your own assessments for every profile to be hired by choosing the requisite skills, competencies and personality traits required for the specific role.
Aptitude, Technical and Psychometric Assessments scientifically designed and validated for lateral and entry level hiring and assess key traits required for any job profile
Flexible Online Exams and Ideal Scores for ease of score mapping and report reading, Easy Test Delivery and Advanced Proctoring to prevent cheating – (lock candidates’ screen, conduct webcam-based tests, restrict tests to specific IPs) with a Dashboard to control assessments and reports
Profile candidates through video resume.