Recruitment Management

Captures the entire recruitment workflow with completely role based access

Integrate your recruitment process with your strategy

recruitment processThe Emportant Recruitment Management System to facilitating an organisation’s recruitment process. Emportant is the most advanced Recruitment Automation software encompassing all aspects of recruitment process from Requisition Creation till Joining of Candidates, and managing all the financials associated with the process.

It is a comprehensive product with rich functionality for various parts of the recruitment process, including Candidate Sourcing, Resume Management, Candidate Search Engine, Requisition Process and Workflow Management, Client and Agency Management, Candidate, Client, and Agency Communication using Email and SMS…

LimeRecruitFolderSmoother candidate requisition | Easier to HR-

Recruitment Managers can track and manage every requisition and candidate through the workflow based acquisition process & approvals from sourcing to onboarding. Addition to this, they can make all information about a candidate available to everyone involved in the hiring process, and ensure none of it is lost when a candidate is hired.


Saves time and effort

Recruitment Managers have a single place to go for all their recruiting and candidate on-boarding management tasks, including job requisitions, candidate information, resume reviews and interview feedback.

Candidates get a great impression with better On-Boarding-

Most importantly with Emportant recruitment management platform you can start building employee engagement and loyalty from the get-go. Your new hires get an accurate, competency-based understanding of the role and performance expectations and they’ll be impressed with how smooth and automated your on-boarding process is once hired.

Benefits for Everyone





Track and manage job requisitions and candidates through the entire recruitment acquisition process Get role clarity so they clearly understand expectations before they  start the job. Enjoy centralized access to all recruiting processes and candidate information and interviewers feedback.



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