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Track, analyze and evaluate employees’ performance
Planning, monitoring and reviewing an employee’s work objective and contribution to the organization are critical functions of a company’s HR department. However, these processes can be time consuming and involve innumerable iterations if not handled smartly.

Emportant performance management system can be configured to your company policies so that you can assess your employees performance easily, provide useful feedback and achieve your business targets. Our performance management system will give you a clear view of your workforce by providing information such as achievements, competencies as well as current and future needs.

360-Degree Feedback
Employees can review their peers and can also be reviewed by them. This allows managers to seamlessly gather insights about each employee using a decentralized feedback mechanism.

Goal Setting and Tracking
Emportant helps to keep your workforce focused on your company’s objectives by empowering managers to track and review goal process.

Employee Self-Appraisal
Employees can easily fill out custom self-appraisal forms to portray their accomplishments and facilitate reviews.

Review Appraisal
Execute a systematic appraisal process by allowing higher level managers to review the appraisals. Once the performance reviews have been consolidated, the review appraisal can be completed with a single click.

Flexible Review Process
Review employee performance on monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis as you need. Assign weightages and scores both by employee and his/her reporting manager. Send appraisal reviews to Head of
Department or Division / Location Head right up to the Director level for comments. Record and review training needs of employees and plan training programs based on approved needs.

Performance Reports
Get better insights with goal report, appraisal report, user rating report and performance vs. potential report, for evaluating individual performance and your organization as a whole.

Competency Pools and Mapping
Build pools of competencies for your workforce (depending on their job roles and departments) and map them to the right reviewers for accurate assessments.

Skill Set Matrix
Get an overview of the skills possessed by your employees so that the right person can be assigned to the right project.
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