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Running payroll is tasking and complex. Lots of inter-dependent activities and checks need to be done before salaries are disbursed.

Emportant’s unique user interface makes all payroll activities painless and easy to execute. Our payroll processing system seamlessly integrates all payroll processing in a single point thereby making your job easier.

We provide online payroll software solutions for clients in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. We help manage the clients’ remuneration for full-time and part-time employees, contract staff and retainers. Our payroll processing system fully automates earnings and employer deductions at state and federal level.

Arrear salary payments, tax on salary income, employee perquisites and benefits, payment and recovery of advances and loans, and more –all are covered in one comprehensive module. Gain in-depth insight into your workforce and simplify your payroll administration with Emportant payroll processing product.

India and GCC Payroll

Emportant fully complies to wage laws and statutory requirements for Payroll in India and in several GCC countries. This includes calculation of earnings, deductions, withholding taxes, and various reports and filings that are required with local authorities.

Emportant ensures timely annual leave calculation and payment, ticket fare /air fare calculations based on grade and other entitlements, reimbursement process for ticket fare, End of Service Benefit (EOSB) calculations, and CMMP contributions.
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