Emportant – Product Overview

A quick look at what we offer

Payroll software
Overview – what does Emportant offer ?

  • Emportant is available as a web hosted software, available 24×7 – we manage the software while you manage your HR. We even help you set up the HR policies and business rules at any time.
  • An easy to use cloud based HR and Payroll software
  • Connect your entire company across multiple countries and multiple States / cities on one common platform. Emportant HR Software works across time zones and multiple currencies.
  • Get your entire HR system online with Emportant in less than a week. Our pre-configured templates help you get started at super speed.
  • Emportant is available under various plans to help you choose what’s best for you. There are no licence costs and you pay only for what you subscribe for. For a detailed RoI between buying software and subscription costs, contact us today for a comparison and whitepaper.
  • Our cloud based architecture ensures every employee can login securely at any time 24×7, with access to only his/her personal information.
  • Employees can submit claims, leave requests, reviews and more. These are automatically routed to the correct approver based on your HR policies.
  • HR / Finance administrators get their own secure logins to manage day to day operations.
  • You can administer changes to your policy at any time.
  • Juggling of leave cards, reimbursement forms, xls based appraisal forms are now a thing of the past with our fully automated and rule driven workflow processes.
  • Provide industry-specific support through functionality that is specifically designed for various industries.