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Process leave requests with ease
When you consistently enforce your company’s leave policy, transparency and employee satisfaction will be improved. Employees work at peace in an environment which they know is fair, transparent and devoid of adhoc HR decisions.

Emportant leave management system will assist you in automating everything from leave accounting, grants to period closing activities. It will streamline employee leave management thereby giving you the opportunity to attend to different concerns at once. It will save you time and transaction costs by getting rid of busy work associated with leave administration and employee follow ups.

Employees can request time off and report sick days directly through Emportant leave management system. Employees will also have an updated idea about their leave history and pending vacations from their dashboard.

Once a request is received, Emportant automatically notifies the employee’s manager via email with a summary of the request. The manager can either approve or deny the request through a link included in the notification.
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