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Managing Compensatory off / Compoff / Comp off Leave?
How can an Employee Cancel a Leave using Emportant Leave Management?
How can an Employee view his/her leave transaction details?
How to reverse LWOP
How do I update the Leave balances when my company starts using Emportant from the mid year?
How to credit Leave balance in case instance has been created in the middle of the Year?
How do I add Holiday list in Emportant?
Upload Leave Balance/Manage/Correction Leave Balance?
How do I upload Leave Opening Balances in Emportant?
How to apply for Comp off leave?
How to Upload Leave Taken data in Emportant?
FAQ on error messages while adding or uploading Leave Taken Data?
Employee Leave Days are not calculated / Not able to apply for Leave / Employee In-time and Out-time are not displayed correctly?
How to enter Leave through Admin/Hr role?
How to Credit Leave Balance Through Admin/Hr access
How to attach New/Modify leave structure?
How to view future dates Leave in coming new leave year?
How to withdraw a Pending Leave / a leave which has not been approved yet
How to set cc mail id in Email Notification of Leave/Mail Notification of Leave
If manager is getting this error message “This update can be done only after the current payroll period is closed since pay slip for the current period has been published” while approving leave
How to apply/approve new year leave?
How to set Carry Forward Rule?
If system is not allowing to apply leave application for new year leave?
How can you set parallel level approver