Vertical- Healthcare Industry

Emportant has successfully been deployed in Healthcare industry

It addresses needs that are unique to..

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Community health providers
  • Chains of clinics and laboratory services / investigative services
  • Pharma / pharmaceutical companies
  • Bulk drug manufacturers, and more.



We take pride in being able to provide a simple solution to these diversified enterprises using :

  • Two-way integration with your HIS / HMS (Hospital Management System)
  • Online workflow with ESS for all employee requests. Rule driven workflows allow requests to be routed to the correct approver for different types of requests.
  • Designing the organisation structure in HRMS by creating multiple locations (hospitals / clinics / outlets), with employees assigned to each such dispersed unit.
  • Preparation of Training calendar along with tracking of course coverage and online employee assessment tests delivered to each participant.
  • Tracking of attendance for all locations across multiple shifts (including night shift) through our integrated Attendance solution (using our Partner supplied attendance devices enabled with biometric / smart card / etc)
  • Get real-time attendance information right within HRMS to determine how many staff across different categories are present in each shift (e.g., how many Nurses have arrived for morning shift).
  • Presenting consolidated views of all locations to the central HR team, while allowing zonal / city specific administrators to have a local view.
  • Providing staff costs broken up across departments, cost centers and locations.
  • Integrate salary costs with Tally or any other ERP by creating Journal voucher / JV posting to Tally with the required cost codes.
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