Emportant for every Industry

Emportant is designed to work across any industry, be it Services, Manufacturing, IT, Consulting or any other. If you operate across multiple countries, multiple cities or even have a large workforce in a single location, choose Emportant Now. Only Emportant offers you an easy to use centralized HR administration with the ability to delegate roles and ownership for different countries / locations to local administrators. What’s more, you can even restrict what data can be added / updated by the local administrator for his/her region.

Emportant HRMS has developed specific expertise around several industry segments. Click on any of the segments below to see how we can be the best HR solution for your enterprise:

  • Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • BPOs
  • Financial services
  • Training insitutions
  • Food & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing industries
  • … and several more

Need more information? Click here to get a high level overview of Emportant and various pricing plans.