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Effortlessly communicate and interact with your company employees
The most profitable organizations in the competitive business environment are those that can strategically manage their financial and human resources.

Emportant Human Resource Management products help in managing and tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries as well as accomplishments. Employee information is kept more accurate since employees are able to update their personal information online with robust review and approval processes for each update.

Emportant online HRMS provides the unified point to access and control your company’s core HR functions. We have an extensive set of tools that are useful for extracting and analyzing data. Employee data can be accurately recorded and effectively managed with the help of pre-defined forms such as new employee Form, Department and Designation Assignments and Salary Components form.
Our HR Management products help our employee to accurately track the following:
Personal details
Company specific details
Employee qualification
Job history
Family members
Photos & other documents
Bank details
Reference checks
Reporting hierarchy

The product can also help your company to assign Managers to employees for the purpose of approving or rejecting leaves and expenses of employees. By helping with mundane and time-consuming tasks that HR Managers are in charge of, Emportan Human Resource Management products free up time and help Managers
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