Emportant Perform

Here are just a few that your managers and employees will really love!

trackSimple way to align and track goals

It’s great to set goals. It’s even better to achieve them. With Emportant Perform, link individual goals to their function or department, so employees have same vision into the value and relevance of their work. Then easily track and communicate progress on goals at every level —. It’s never been easier to adopt goal management best practices and drive better, SMARTER results.



FeedbackFeedback and recognition

Use Emportant’s Custom feedback tool to run the adhoc surveys  and results, 360 degree feedback and recognition from managers, peers, HR teams for the performance management feedback. Accurately record employee performance feedback year round, including accomplishments, performance gaps, and critical incident reports. Then pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments, and provide richer, less subjective reviews.



Keep everyone on track with automated email reminders

Emportant Perform Track is configurable, automated email reminders notify managers and employees about upcoming tasks and remind those who are late, with no need for manual intervention. It offers tremendous flexibility in terms of the type and tone of message to be sent, the events that trigger emails, the frequency, the recipients, etc.



Create and Train your workforce

Create training plans as part of your employee performance management process whenever you identify a learning / training  need. Tie training development plans and activities directly to competencies, for greater context, or set them independently to support training aspirations and/or goal performance. You can also Run a training assessment to judge the training performance and run the skill assessment campaign within a organization.



Track status

Track status and results in just a few clicks

With Emportant Perform , real-time reporting is a snap. Executives, managers, HR professionals and training specialists benefit from instant access to performance management metrics delivered in easy to understand reports. You can also pinpoint the status of every appraisal, track progress on goals, identify Training and development needs across the organization, compare and calibrate performance ratings, identify top performers and those at risk, and more.



Several companies like yours have already streamlined their PMS bottlenecks with Emportant PMS.

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