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General Questions
What does on-demand mean?
What is software-as-a-service?
How is SaaS different from Outsourcing?
Is this service web based?
What program needs to be installed on my PC?
Which database is required to run Emportant?
How many people can use Emportant at a time?
What kind of server infrastructure do I need to run Emportant?
What kind of infrastructure do you have in place to provide the SaaS subscription service?
How secure is my data with you?
Do we pay any annual maintenance fee?
How is Emportant different from the desktop payroll application I am currently using?
Our Payroll is outsourced – Is Emportant still useful?
We have a legacy payroll software, which we can not replace at this moment – can we still use Emportant?
We are using the HRMS module of another ERP system since many years – can Emportant work with with this system?
Do you provide outsourced HR/Payroll services?
What happens if we decide to discontinue your services?
How many years data do you maintain in your system?
How do you provide training?
Do you have any office or partner in my city to provide on-site service, such as training?
What all services are provided by your partners?
What are your regular support hours