For the Payroll Team

Accurate & Dependable

    • Emportant Payroll ensures you for a accurate processing of Payroll and maping of each and every head of pays / earnings heads
    • Avoid time consuming month end calculations- Emportant Payroll enables you to process/ generate your payroll with a single click, even you can generate payroll location wise/ department wise/ grade wise
    • Tax administration is no more difficult to finance department, Emportant comes with a flexibility and rule based architecture so that tax deduction will happn as per the rule, standard rules are built in, additional rules can be set as per the government norms as well as company policy
    • Emportant comes with a built in Integration with Leave & attendance module, you will don’t have to calculate and map attendance and leave records with employees salary, Emportant Payroll will calculate a leave balance and present days and accordingly calculate a salary automatically
    • Built in report writer will provide you a a MIS reports for each and every finance needs, you will get accurate reports when required
    • Calculator and office objects
    • Workflows and Inbuilt procedure will help to improve interdepartmental communication through system
    • Emportant Payroll will generate all statutory reports including ESI, PF, PTAX and many more as per applicable
    • Emportant’s Travel and Expense Management Solution is a truly integrated solution, making it quick, easy, and affordable for organizations to automate their entire travel and expense management process – from travel plan declaration to reimbursing employees. Emportant’s Travel and Expense delivers the broadest travel content through an intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based interface. And because it’s one end-to-end service, the click that books the trip is the same click that starts the expense report.
    • Emportant is fully automating your employee expense report process. Emportant allow your employees to create, submit, approve and process expense reports online from anywhere in the world. They can simply log on using any web browser; Online expense reporting includes receipt imaging, approval routing, policy enforcement. Users can even view reports for their pending and approved reimbursement claims
    • If your practice doesn’t have your reimbursement management process optimized, you could be working harder while money slips through the cracks. Emportant Concierge stops the leaks so you can reimburse the money to your employees