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Emportant PayPlus is a secure, web-based Payroll management software that can be customised to your any complex requirements. It is a fully-hosted payroll package that allows you to update employee details, register joiners, leavers, absence and other employee data.

For many companies, the unique nature of their businesses and requirements mean that a one-size fits all is not an alternative. One of the greatest benefit With Emportant Pay-X is complete flexibility. We build a solution to deliver your non-standard reports and bespoke requirements to meet your clients unique needs. The Emportant Pay-X solution provides you with flexibility in the process as well as the automation required to deliver your specific needs of your customer. And Pay-X easily handles increasing volume and reporting requirements as fast as your business grows!

Emportant PayPlus offers a wide variety of options to cater to the diverse requirements of your clients. In Emportant PayPlus, you have the option to select and adjust client’s pay-components and change the value of each pay-component, to suit customer’s specific needs. New employees’ details can be added and existing employee details can be changed. Emportant PayPlus system gets automatically updated when the information is saved. By providing flexible solutions, Emportant PayPlus is today in a unique position to maximize the value of business relationship

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Option available in Emportant PayPlus for Leave Administration: Multiple leaves can be structured for a each customer, Various leave rules can be defined, e.g., for ‘Accrued leaves’, prorated leaves, barring the leaves as per the customer policy. PayPlus allows you to easily manage Leave encashment, Partial consumption, Back dated leaves and Many More…

PayPlus is providing high end Integrity in managing the Statutory Compliance part All income tax rules are defined as part of the pay structures configuration Exceptions for income tax can be handled in PayPlus online submit ion of investment declaration (Form B/C) enables your clients employee to get involved in the process