Answers to the most common questions

What does on-demand mean?
On demand means software service that use and pay as you go

What is software-as-a-service?
Software-as-a-service or SaaS is a subscription based software usage offering which provides you popular software applications for a usage fees instead of having to buy and install licenses. You can scale up your usage of the system based on number of modules, features, and number of end users as you go along. You only pay for what you use and have the flexibility of upscaling / downscaling at any time. Usually SaaS software subscriptions are provided on a monthly fee. This is very much akin to utility services like electricity and telecom where you don’t need to own any of the infrastructure, you just flick on the switch and start using it, and you pay for only what you use.

How is SaaS different from Outsourcing?
The SaaS subsciptions are provided to end-user organisations directly. As an end user organisation you would use and work with the HRMS system as if you were using it over your own LAN. Compared to this, outsourcing is the other extreme where all the software operations and system processing, data updation etc is taken care of by an external agency who would do it on their own inhouse software systems.

Is this service web based?
Emportant has been built on web technology and works using the standard IE web browser. You can use it within your Intratnet or over Internet / VPN as you like.

What program needs to be installed on my PC?
Absolutely none, except for the Internet Explorer browser (IE ver 6.0 or above). You need to have javascript enabled.

Which database is required to run Emportant?
On-demand users do not have to worry about the database.

How many people can use Emportant at a time?
There is no limit to how many users can use the system – we encourage you to extend the application through-out your organisations.

What kind of server infrastructure do I need to run Emportant?
On-demand customers do not require any server hardware.

What kind of infrastructure do you have in place to provide the SaaS subscription service?
We have world class infrastructure with secure data-centers, redundant servers, frequent backups – just so that you need not worry about these details

How secure is my data with you?
Your data is protected at the network level as well as physically. The data resides behind a firewall. The database is accessible only to our system admins for system maintenance activities. Secure backups are kept on different media and offsite backups are kept at regular intervals. Your data is housed in a Tier IV data center with SAS 70 certification

Do we pay any annual maintenance fee?
On-demand customers do not pay any annual charges as they are using a monthy pay-per-use service.

How is Emportant different from the desktop payroll application I am currently using?
Emportant is a web-based application. Unlike your desktop application it works on the web browser and is as accessible over the Internet. Unlike normal HRMS applications Emportant is fully inclusive and is not restricted to HR users alone. The extensive employee self service and manager self service options make common day to day tasks a breeze

Our Payroll is outsourced – Is Emportant still useful?
Absolutely – Emportant provides all the information you would need to provide to your Payroll agency. Right from salary master details, unpaid leave details, increments, etc – everything is available as a simple output for your payroll service provider.

We have a legacy payroll software, which we can not replace at this moment – can we still use Emportant?
Yes, you can. You can choose not to activate payroll and continue to use other features such as HRIS, Leave and Self service modules. Emportant would continue to provide excel outputs of all the information you need for your legacy payroll system.

We are using the HRMS module of another ERP system since many years – can Emportant work with with this system?
Emportant provides the ability to tightly integrate with the HRMS and employee data from ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Apps, MS Dynamics and Navision. We understand the underlying architecture of these ERP system and can integrate your employee database and assignments without the additional burden of manually updating this information.

Do you provide outsourced HR/Payroll services?
We have tied up with reputed and experienced service providers who provide HR outsourcing services on the Emportant platform. Contact us for further details.

What happens if we decide to discontinue your services?
A subscription service can be stopped at any time with one month notice. You would be provided all your data in excel format which would be downloadable over the Internet by you only. Once the services are formally discontinued, we permanently delete all the data from our servers and within 3 months from all backup tapes.

How many years data do you maintain in your system?
All subscription based customers have 3 years of data maintained online. Excel outputs are provided annually for data for the financial year which you can archive and keep.

How do you provide training?
Training for Saas customers is delivered through web based conference. We conduct the remote hands training with audio conference and web meeting to provide you an experience that’s as effective as a face to face training. Training is provided on the complete system setup at your convenience.

Do you have any office or partner in my city to provide on-site service, such as training?
Yes, our service partners are available to provide you on-site training at all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. They can even provide training at any other place in India. If you are interested to be a training partner, please contact us.

What all services are provided by your partners?
Our partners provide implementation, customisation and training services at your doorstep and also online.

What are your regular support hours
Emportant provides support to all customers during business hours in India, from 9.30 am to 5pm, Mon-Fri. Emergency support is available on request for extended hours. Regular support is not available during the declared public / annual holidays (click here for list of our declared holidays).