Emportant TimeCard

Emportant TimeCard  is completely automated time and attendance system which reduces employee costs by enforcing your business policies and disciplinary  rules – consistently and accurately – across the organisation. Employee-intensive time tracking, data entry, and approval processing all are simplified and easy to use. You can drastically reduce the administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee inquiries — all while minimising overpayments and compliance risk.

Web Attendance

Web Attendance:

  • ESS – Employees can mark their attendance through employee self service portal
  • Attendance report monthly / weekly / daily
  • Real time sync with payroll & leave
  • Restrict web attendance to a group of employees / from a particular network IP

Realtime Attendance Integration-

  • Integration with attendance recording systems
  • Integrate with your existing hardware using our API / DLL, OR
  • Procure new hardware recommended by us for direct data push from machine to Emportant
  • Get Attendance data from multiple locations data in a single system

File upload based Attendance Capture

  • Upload your attendance data on daily basis using flat file / txt / csv format
  • Upload from multiple location / from multiple users
  • Upload process takes less than a minute each day

Leave ManagementLeave Management

Emportant Leave management system is a single leave and attendance system that integrates these two critical HR tasks. It astutely adapts to your policy and allows employees and their managers to manage their leaves.

  • Complete leave management with Employee and Manager self service
  • Multiple sets of leave rules each with their own set of Leave categories for different category of employees like staff, workers, managers, etc.
  • Automated year end Accrual, credit, encashment and carry forward rules based on HR policy
  • Comprehensive Leave application/approval workflow with alerts
  • Independent data input / upload facility for HR team to update leave records of any employee
  • Manage leave clubbing, Holiday work and Compensatory Holiday, and Out of Office attendance / Outdoor Duty without any additional effort
  • Easily manage multiple holiday calendars for different locations