Emportant Payplus

Not just Payroll software - PayPlus is designed for Outsourcing Firms

Emportant PayPlus built  for organizations which are providing payroll processing and compliance services to their clients, or planning to start a venture for providing outsourced payroll management services. Emportant PayPlus is designed around service management architecture. This ensures you are able to work with multiple clients, bulk data updates and reconciliation tools that are the very backbone of efficiency in providing outsourced services to your clients.

PayPlus – Value Addition to your Practice

  • Complete CTC and Payroll management for unlimited number of companies and legal entities within the Group.
  • In-built statutory compliance including Income Tax, PF, ESI, Profession Tax and more.
  • Manage leave card of all employees, fully integrated with Payroll and at no additional cost.
  • Optional: Individual login for each employee to view their payslip and leave card online.
  • Optional: MIS login for your client to generate online reports without adding to your reporting burden.

Customer valueValues to Customer-

  • Client employees can login on-line to access payslip and tax details, all in one composite price to you.
  • Manage any kind of industry with ease. We provide pre-built templates for wage calculation of all types of industries. This helps you do fast roll out of the system to your new clients with the added ability to handle any complex wages calculation structure.


Take the Emportant AdvantagePayPlus

  • Get free pre-sales support to present Emportant PayPlus to your prospective clients. We are always there from pre sales support to post sales support for your team.
  • Get regular newsletters from Emportant regarding best practices in Payroll outsourcing and get updated on the latest in this field and new technology at no additional effort.

Immediate Benefits

  • Investment:Revenue – Your initial capex is zero and revenues are in several multiples of your operational expense. What’s more, you can grow your revenue in higher multiple compared to increase in opex.
  • Time: Mileage – Gestation period between signing up new clients and revenue inflow from new client is barely few weeks. Hence it makes for sound business expansion.