We just moved this October

  1. And an awesome view!
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  3. There's still work in progress
  4. Teams at work
  5. In full force
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Emportant has good news to share! We just moved to new premises today. It’s still chaotic but new is new. And we’re enjoying every bit of it. All systems are up and Day One and all teams are fully geared up.

The only spoilsport is our phone lines, so we’ve made temporary arrangements to tide over that with a battery of numbers:

Sales & Admin:

+91 – 87 677 37 677

Customer Support:

+91 - 99216 43220 (Idea)
+91 - 88793 86813 (Vodafone)
+91 - 80970 24049 (Tata)
+91 - 86938 30288 (Idea)

We’ll probably take a few days to settle down. There’s chai treats and pizza treats being thrown around. Everyone’s just so happy! There’s some decorating to do but now onwards it will be through  contribution of ideas from the team, and we’ll even vote up the best ones. Here’s what Day One looks like !…


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