What’s new in Emportant – Jan 2015

Emportant has released several new features in the past few month. Here’s a brief recap and summary of features that are now officially available to all customers:


Employee data management:

  • Searching for any Employee is now super easy. You automatically get the Employee list as you type, just like Google.
  • Want to communicate to Employees about any upcoming Company event like Training Program, Open House, Picnic, etc? The new Company Events page enables you to publish these events to the Employees.
  • What’s more, all daily alerts can be automatically cc’d to specified team members in HR / Finance / Admin departments.
  • Transferring Employees from one company to another? This process is now one-click away with all data integration taken care between the two companies.
  • Online Exit / Resignation notice process was a simple form earlier. Now, an integrated process lets you track Employee assets and Final Settlement processing within the same workflow.
  • Did you end up adding two duplicate designations like “Sales Manager” and “Manager – Sales”? Help is at hand.. you can now merge these two so that your Org chart is consistent. You can do this for Designations, Departments, and more.

Leave and attendance management:

  • A new look Leave Approval email – with a clean design approach, and with a global design approach.
  • One-click change of Shift for any day of the week for any employee. Several customers having rapidly changing shifts requested for this feature and we provided it.
  • Do you want to send an email notification to employees if their attendance is missing? You can now send such reminders to all employees or a selected group of employees.
  • Additional New rules for Leave approval, where the Employees are required to submit Leave application within certain number of days or in Advance only.
  • Do you credit Leave to employees based on actual days worked in the previous month? Yes, this facility is available to you now.
  • We have now made it easier for Employees to apply for Leave beyond the current Leave calendar.

Payroll Processing:

  • Are you processing data received from your HR department? You can now easily reconcile current Salary with the previous month.
  • Make the Employees PF accumulation available to them in ESS. Now, PF balances from Emportant are just a click away. We can even help you upload PF accumulated by the Employee prior to data migration into Emportant.
  • While starting Payroll processing, you can also disable ESS for Payroll. This helps to ensure that Employees are not submitting Investment declaration or Reimbursement approval after your processing has started.


  • During Payroll Generation, check missing PAN number list and missing PTAX mapping for Employees to help improve your compliance.
  • Emportant extends compliance for the UAN number. You can now upload the new PF number of employees (UAN) while retaining the old PF number for record purpose.
  • New reports in Payroll for Bonus, Labor Welfare Fund and simplified TDS processing.

Performance Management:

  • Competency management now comes with enhanced features for uploading of Course master in bulk, PMS Goals, and Competency requirements.
  • Emportant’s 360 degree review process helps you to effortlessly compile 360 degree review from peers, superiors and subordinates for every employee.

Coming soon:

  • Delegate access to the Branch Location: This January, we will make available our hottest new feature… delegate updates for payroll and leave to your Branch admin or Location in charge. This is extremely useful for large organisations with decentralised administration. We will update you with more details very soon.
  • Continuous background processing (CBP) : In February we would upgrade our processing capabilities to let our servers do the processing for you, in the background while you work. Any change of employee data will automatically trigger background processing. This will drastically help to cut down wait time when you process Payroll.

We’re excited to share all this with you, and super-charged to deliver these updates. Do share your feedback about these new capabilities.

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