Is your HR process keeping up with Mobile employees?

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India is fast becoming a nation with a large working population. The majority of new workers are engaged in the booming services industry comprising retail, media, fashion, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and several such non-manufacturing industries. The blue-collar is surely giving way to the “sky-blue” collar. Why sky-blue? Because the new service industry employee is neither blue collared nor white collared, so why not call it sky blue? Humour me a little, as I get to the point.

As this article in Economic Times predicts, the Indian worker is now moving to the third platform. Much of this is being driven by the explosive growth of mobile phones driven with data. This is the melting pot of the services industry which has a mobile workforce, and the ease of access to mobile computing.

Traditional HR processes therefore no longer work. Providing an HR app or mobile HR software and Payroll software for these employees onto their mobile phone, is only a short sighted approach. What then are the needs of this mobile workforce? Emportant HR recognizes this and is building the next generation app that works hand in hand with such a mobile workforce. It’s not just HR, it’s more a mirror of how things get done for the mobile workforce.

This is an emerging area. Precedents are few. And therefore, ideas from practitioners and experienced folks will help shape the things to come. We’d like to hear your views on what a mobile workforce needs. Do chime in here.


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