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    Triggered alerts

    Our feature on triggered alerts is being enhanced. We’d like to know what are the actions on which HR would like to be automatically notified through triggered alerts. E.g., auto-alert on new joinee, etc.

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    Why should a small business use HR software

    For long it was thought that HR software is for larger organisations – but things have started to change and small businesses have started realising the need for HR software. While there are obvious challenges in large organisations due to high headcount, small organisations have different but equally important challenges to manage. To start with […]

  • The Purple Squirrel who created the iPod

    The Purple Squirrel What’s that? You probably haven’t heard of The Purple Squirrel unless your day job involves recruitment. It’s the recruiter’s oxymoron for the perfect candidate with all the experience, qualifications, skills, education, and anything else needed to fill an open job. And because there is no such thing as a ‘purple squirrel’, it […]

  • Why Carrots are good for every season

    Come winters and the market are loaded with “Carrots”, the only season in the year when you enjoy its sweetness. And after having those all these years I realize it’s most important applicability. Yes, now you can have the cake and eat it too! “The Carrot”-this term has its origin in folklore where a carrot […]

  • How to hit the hiring hurdle head-on while Starting up

    Working in a start-up can come with varied expectations and experiences. It can be gratifying and liberating if the individual is passionate and excited about the domain. It would also be full of hurdles, and make one face the challenges of working with limited resources, delayed salaries, work overload, and garage style amenities. For the […]

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    Make your boss hit the ‘like’ button

    It starts from the day when you meet for the first time sitting across the table. There is no harm in becoming ‘a favorite employee’. Advantages – you know who is going to get the good tasks, the nominations and the awards and most important you know ‘you are safe’! A few cool tips on how to […]