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  • What’s new in Emportant – Jan 2015

    Emportant has released several new features in the past few month. Here’s a brief recap and summary of features that are now officially available to all customers:   Employee data management: Searching for any Employee is now super easy. You automatically get the Employee list as you type, just like Google. Want to communicate to […]

  • masslayoff

    Don’t gobbledygook your employees

    Company speak is such a foreign language. It’s amazing how some companies manage to speak it with such pristine manner that makes the listener (usually the employee), feel completely devoid of intelligence. Here’s a fine example which was in the news lately: “… we have made the difficult but necessary decision to realign our employee […]

  • HR process

    Is your HR process keeping up with Mobile employees?

    India is fast becoming a nation with a large working population. The majority of new workers are engaged in the booming services industry comprising retail, media, fashion, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and several such non-manufacturing industries. The blue-collar is surely giving way to the “sky-blue” collar. Why sky-blue? Because the new service industry employee is neither […]

  • brand positioning

    3 ways in which Brand positioning can affect our decisions

    I’ve usually been averse to buying premium branded apparel. For the simple reason that I could always find equally good clothing which isn’t necessarily a Lacoste or a Tommy, and which is as elegant and durable as that venerable brand. Garments is a very competitive industry. You are spoilt for choice and there are more […]

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    Why Social Recognition is the new Employee Engagement

    Employee retention has been one of the severe headaches for most companies, especially Startups, services business and new age businesses. The Banquet Manager of a 5-star hotel recently confided that he was the only old face who hasn’t switched in the last 3 years, and all his team members have been rotating through the limited […]