Performance management

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Introducing the most robust HRMS

Solution for employee Performance Management process


Strategic HR ManagementPerformance Management process

Play a more strategic role in your organization with fingertip access to all the employee performance data you need to support smart decision-making. Now you can truly help your organization build a world-class workforce and achieve its business goals. Emportant performance Management process is pre-built with best practices for evaluation process, ratings, and continuous feedback mechanisms.

HR teams empowered to Configure – no dependence on IT

Never again worry about trying to get on your IT group’s priority list. With Emportant performance Management process you have the power and the flexibility to create and automated processes and forms as you need and  just the way you want them. Want to make changes to your existing workflow or ratings? With Emportant performance Management process you can do it anytime.

Empower | Align | Engage employees

Now you can ensure your employees get the continuous feedback, direction and development they need to be engaged and high-performing. Every member of your workforce will better understand what’s expected of them, see how they’re helping the organization succeed, make their contributions more visible, and take charge of their own career development. You can publish ongoing scoreboards to the Notice Board and also push it to RedBox – the online instant message board.


Time & Energy Saving

Are you tired of the paper based / manual appraisal system? Save time — up to 95 percent — administering and managing your performance management processes. With a touch of a button you can see where everyone is with any type of performance activity you run. And it’s even simpler to remind everyone to finish tasks on time. Emportant can even help you setup automated reminders for pending form submissions, manager reviews, etc. with a copy to the HR team, so you can manage everything from your Inbox. Plus all employees and managers have instant access to all their performance data — no more running around searching for documents.


performance achievement

Achieve your critical business targets with Emportant

  • Monitor performance achievement on a daily basis with integrated task management
  • Set KRAs at a department / grade / function / division level
  • Match target achievement against goals
  • Alert managers whenever a performance review is due
  • Manage and improve competencies and skills for each position
  • Distribute 360 degree feedback to peers, superiors and subordinates
  • Conduct online assessment using your own question bank and MCQs



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