Payroll Management

Emportant Payroll improves productivity and simplifies the administration of your payroll process

Emportant  provides Online payroll software solutions for your payroll processing software in India and greatly improve productivity of your team. 

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Online Payroll Processing Choices to Fit Your Unique Business
Emportant offers a comprehensive set of software for payroll related functions (CTC, statutory compliance, reimbursement claims and more). You can also provide MIS login and Employee login to your employees at no additional cost.

Payroll Input

Payroll Input Options:

At Emportant we know that no one solution is right for everyone. This is why we provide you with a range of payroll input options, so you can stay worry free making any new changes to your system. for any kind of new rules / policy set up, You can enter the data online, upload in bulk using Excel formats or even use our support services to help you enter the data. At all times, you can remain confident that your data is safe and secure in our high security environment. Emportant Providing you all the payroll services at one stop.


The online reimbursement claims module allows Employees to submit claims for LTA, Medical, Vehicle running, etc with utmost ease. They can even attach scanned bills so that you have no more paperwork to deal with when clearing these claims. All claims can be automatically be paid out with salary.Click here for more details on Reimbursements.

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Rule Configuration Engine-

At Emportant you get the freedom to configure your system for even the most complex payroll  requirement of your organization. You can configure online payroll policies and rules on your own and for specific to any group of employees, all through one single system.



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