Leave & Attendance Management

You set the time policy system will follow... Emportant is rule based

leave ManagementLeave Management: Emportant Leave management system is a single leave management and attendance system that integrates these two critical HR tasks. It astutely adapts to your policy and allows employees and their managers to manage their leaves. It marks their attendance without any extra efforts from HR.

Leave Transactions: Leave and attendance  management system ensures with its powerful that  employees no longer have to chase their leave requests.  It reduces the responsibility of HR as now he does not  need to follow-up with people to reconcile their absences. Logically, it also integrates with all other leave  module creating a seamless employee life cycle management system. 

Leave Integration: Integrating leave and attendance data is essential which is made easy with leave module. Many independent leave management and attendance software run independent of the HRIS leaving HR to keep the two sets of data in sync.

Employee AttendanceEmployee Attendance Management

Emportant Time & Attendance Management  is tightly integrated with the organization’s HR data base. The in-time and out-time, lunch and breaks entered by the employees will help the respective authority in charge to keep track of the activities of the employees.

  • The Employee Attendance Management System helps in keeping track of the attendance of employees based on various events like shift, late, overtime, permission, holiday working and on duty.
  •  Auto permission requests are sent to respective managers and business heads regarding a particular employee’s leave/permission. The online leave management system is the most important feature of this Attendance management software.
  • Emportant Leave Management System helps to synchronize attendance data online.
  • Monthly consolidated data of attendance details of employees for payroll integration also generated through Attendance module.
  • Single click view of all time office events like hours worked, late, permission, on duty, overtime, leave of an employee for date or month period can also be obtained from this Attendance Management system.
  • The Employee Attendance Management System helps to monitor the productivity of the employees and also keep a check on the Employee absenteeism, which in turn helps in achieving the organizations goals.



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