Travel & Expense Management

Streamline your travel and expense management processes

What it Does:Expense Management

Emportant offering Travel and Expense Management Solution that is a truly integrated solution, making it quick, easy, and affordable for organizations to automate their entire travel and expense management process – from booking travel to reimbursing employees. Emportant Travel and Expense delivers the broadest travel content through an intuitive and easy-to-use Web-based interface. And because it’s one end-to-end service, the click that books the trip is the same click that starts the expense report.

Take charge of your organization’s expense and travel costs with Emportant Travel & Expense Management Module: control costs before they are incurred, speed up the reimbursement process, improve employee satisfaction and ensure compliance through rapid user adoption.

Travel and Expense Management: controlled, efficient and easy

Emportant Travel & Expense Management system provides a solution place for enterprise-wide travel and expense automation. It supports complex travel rules to make the claims process more controlled and easier for everyone.

Travel and Expense

  • Control travel costs before they are incurred- With Emportant, employees can create a travel plan, including a cost projection, that must be approved prior to travel.
  • Claim expenses more easily- Purchases made using corporate credit cards or travel accounts can be brought into Emportant travel and expenses system.
  • Easily create travel expenses based on existing travel plans- Emportant Travel & Expense can automatically match claims to plans and approve claims within set tolerances.
  • Allocate costs flexibly. Entire expense claims or single expense items can be split to asign costs to different cost centers, projects or clients.



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