Emportant is the answer to all your HR challenges

You’ll get unbeatable business benefits, With human resource software

It grows with you: takes care of employees for multiple branches / offices and even group companies all through a single information software

  •  Every employee gets his own login: With individual login id for each employee, all your employee’s human resource software  and leave queries, reimbursement claims, approval, etc get automated through workflow. The result is immediate – improved employee satisfaction and less unproductive work for the hr information software team.
  •  UnComplex system: You don’t have to worry about setting it up, taking backups or system uptime. Our consultants will help you setup and we take care of all system and security for you. So that you can concentrate on growing your business. Emportant is truly UnComplex.

Core HR / Employee Information Management: 

End to End

Human Resource Software which acts as a employee database. This enables you to utilize all employee information productively.


  • Populate and manage the employee’s personal information in a centralized location, you can prevent the data loss.
  • Manage & update your employees contact information letters & documents within the employee’s record in the system
  • Manage your employees assignments information by selecting the relevant pay grade, salary etc.
  • Assign reporting manager to an employee to identify the reporting structure.
  • Know your employees past work Experience, educational details, skills and other predefined criteria including actual proofs / copies of education certificates
  • At a glance view to all employee details in the employee master and also you can search using different hr information software / parameters.

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